If you want something unique, stylish and affordable then you could do a whole lot worse than choosing Adora products to complete your bathroom.

A Simply Bathroom designer will always take the time to get to know you a little better before designing your space and as such they will understand your likes and dislikes. Understanding how the space needs to look overall is fundamental to any successful creation.

Adora supplies a fantastic, diverse range of products with a simple but strong theme. They are all slick, modern and stylish.  The product designers have carefully played with subtle differences in shapes, functionality and styles.

One of my favourite items is the flume tap. This would add that extra bit of interest and charm into your bathroom reminiscence of a luxurious spa. The functionality is not compromised for design though and all features of a mixing tap are present and correct.

AdoraTaps Flume

Alternatively a monsoon shower experience at home might be appealing. The fixed, large, square heads of the Plant Range are truly stunning. This range comes in a selection of sizes and wall or ceiling mounts so your designer and you can work together to ensure the best shower experience is achieved in the given space.